The Function of Amino acids

The function of amino acids have been aroused people’s interest, can be widely used in medicine, food, animal husbandry, fishery, pesticide, health care products and other fields.

Amino acid in medicine, the application of nitrogen balance theory to establish human found in normal metabolism of tissue protein and the lack of a kind that can lead to the whole organism metabolic disorder, make amino acids to maintain human nutrition and health care drugs for the treatment of many diseases.

Medicine is amino acid relative dosage is not big but most varieties of one department, currently used for drugs in the world and a variety of 100 amino acid derivatives of amino acids.

Compound crystalline amino acid infusion So-called amino acid infusion, is all kinds of amino acids in a certain proportion and requirements, is the mode of cooperate with an intravenous fluids, according to different pattern, amino acid transfusion can be divided into different types. Amino acid infusion is developing rapidly in China, in 1994 the national various amino acid transfusion only 10 million bottles, rose to 60 million bottles of 1996, estimates that by 2000 can reach more than 100 million bottles.

Amino acid nutrition infusion Is a kind of protein nutrition of intravenous fluids to the body, its amino acid composition and ratio varies according to the model, such as Wuj -n mode, the FAO reference model, the ideal mode, the FAO/WHO protein in human milk and eggs, potatoes, eggs, etc.

Generation of plasma with such amino acid infusion fluids to supplement, for the purpose of maintaining blood volume in patients with usually USES the 11 kinds of amino acid composition, infusion with dextral carbohydrate anhydride as supplement blood capacity, etc.

The bleeding with amino acid infusion This kind of amino acid transfusion by common amino acid infusion and hemostatic agents such as amino caproic acid composition, it added protein loss caused by loss of blood on the one hand, at the same time prevent continue to bleed.

Infants and young children with amino acid infusion According to infant exuberant growth period nitrogen retention and few energy, infant kidney function is not yet fully developed, such as the liver tissue of the poor nutrient processing capability characteristic, formulation selection high levels of branched chain amino acid and arginine, and reduces glutamic acid and glycine appropriate, and cooperate with the proper amount of glucose, vitamins and electrolytes, etc.

Treatment with amino acid infusion Amino acid infusion for liver disease, is based on the spectrum of liver cirrhosis patient of branched chain amino acids (Leu, Lie, Val) content is low, and the aromatic amino acids (Try, Phe and Tyr), on the high side, serum/aromatic than drop characteristics. This kind of transfusion requirements are rich in branched chain amino acids. Again if kidney disease with amino acid infusion, added the body protein synthesis of basic amino acids in the body, do not produce or produce only rarely nitrogen, improve patients’ nutrition and metabolism, reduce the symptoms of patients with uremia, produce positive nitrogen and potassium balance, increase serum protein content and improve renal function. Such as tumor patients amino acid infusion, again is special amino acid profiles for different tumor patients, designed with drugs.

Elements of meat and meat is a kind of amino acid liquid elements contain amino acids, nutrients complete, do not need or slightly upon digestion absorption slag free meals, available for both oral and tube feeding. It than parenteral nutrition is simple, economic, safe and physiological state, is a major progress in modern clinical nutrition. Amino acid oral liquid has developed rapidly, with the crystallization of l-type amino acid pattern according to the FAO/WHO made the product, the domestic market for product sales.

Board is suitable for various reasons of lack of protein amino acid elements and weak patients, as well as to the protein to digest the patient, such as intestinal ulcer patients, patients with large area burn patients after the operation, etc. Elements of food in addition to nutrition type, has a lot of meat, and the elements of special application such as infants, liver failure, kidney failure and diabetes, etc.


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