Amino acid production status and market prospect

According to statistics released in 1993, the world’s production of amino acid of 1 million t, now estimated to be not less than 1.2 million tons. Among them as a condiment and accounted for about 50% of food additives, feed additives by about 30%, medical and health care, cosmetics and other USES of amino acid is about 20%, but the total market demand for at least 2 million t. Price, because of the large demand of amino acids is expensive, the world’s largest producer of amino acid manufacturers develop amino acids production technology, the world market, the competition is very fierce.

     Japan is the amino acid production power. Held in Warsaw in 1981 after the first international conference, amino acids, target of amino acid industry in Japan, Japan in 1987 to maintain its amino acid production and export power, miti formed consisting of industry, university and government experts “amino acid chemical research institute”, set out to establish a new chemical industry system based on the amino acids. This further promote the development of Japan’s amino acid industry and technological progress. At present, Japan’s world with 35% market share, sales accounted for 50%. Japan in addition to the glutamic acid, lysine and methionine, small varieties accounted for 12% of total amino acids, most of the amino acid infusion is the raw material, control the amino acid infusion raw materials a large proportion of the market in the world. European and American manufacturers on the one hand, to consolidate and maintain their traditional markets, on the one hand, actively research and development of new technology. Rhone – Poulene France and Germany Degussa supplement company controls the livestock feed the lion’s share of the market, methionine market them to chemical synthesis method with annual capacity of 200000 t, in recent years, began to engage in fermentation production of amino acids. Rhone – Poulene company is looking for partners in the United States, eastern Europe producing methionine, lysine and threonine and tryptophan. Degussa company is also opening up markets in eastern Europe, it set up joint venture with Slovakia Biotikawgk Fermes company, in 1995 the threonine output up to 3000 t, 200 t, 1000 t lysine tryptophan.

South Korea amino acid production development also soon, taste yuan company with an annual output of 1500 t of L – phenylalanine, L – arginine 200 t. Japanese, Korean, European and American countries in recombinant strains producing amino acid technology actively, such as lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, arginine, etc., but the real production. Australia also has established the lysine, tryptophan, phenylalanine productive engineering bacteria, no amino acid fermentation industry, but its amino acids required for imported from Japan and South Korea. From the point of domestic situation, the amino acid industry in China develops very fast, has a certain scale, has formed its own some advantages of products, our country is a big country with a population of 1.2 billion, and population aging progress very quickly, the demand for medicinal amino acid and its derivatives in our country and is rich in amino acid drinks (oral liquid) demand is very big. According to domestic, imported from abroad every year in our country all kinds of amino acids have more than 10 varieties, more than 500 tons, the consumption of more than $4000 in foreign exchange. According to the national medical department estimates that by 2000 the amino acid infusion will amount to more than 100 million bottles, all kinds of medicinal amino acid consumption in more than 5000 t. Many amino acids in China only stay in the laboratory stage, some species only stay in kg, compared with the production capacity, market of amino acid products in China is very large.

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