The Development Trend of Amino acid in the pharmaceutical industry

Amino acids are important parts of organisms, plays an important role in life. Along with the progress of the biological sciences, human physiological function of organism, and the understanding of metabolic activity, amino acid in organism important biological function is more and more clear. Amino acid is the body of nutrition, life is extremely important to the survival and development of the material, in the aspect of life in vivo metabolism regulation, information transfer plays an important role.

For nearly 30 years, both in terms of research, development and application of amino acid, significant progress in the new amino acid type and quantity have been found by about 50, 60 s has exceeded 400 up to now. In terms of production, in the early 60 s world amino acid production 100000 tons, but now has jumped with millions of tons, output value of billions dollars. But there are still large distance and the actual demand, according to experts predict that by 2000, annual output value is expected to reach $30 billion. Amino acid for human nutrition additive, flavouring agent, feed additives, pharmaceutical, etc in the food industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and human health, health care and so on many aspects has been widely used.

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