Amino acids of deep processing and new product development

Now amino acid industry in addition to the development trend at home and abroad in terms of production technology and means by leaps and bounds, amino acids, deep processing and new product development is another trend. The meaning of amino acid products have been developed from traditional protein amino acid to include a protein amino acid, amino acid derivatives and short peptide, the forms of human life and production plays a more and more important role in product groups, this to the further development of amino acid production provides a larger market, inject new vitality for amino acids and related industries.

Amino acid derivatives in medicine as a treatment for drug used in clinical at present quite active, no matter in the treatment of liver disease, cardiovascular disease, or ulcer disease, nervous system diseases, inflammation, etc, have been widely used, for the treatment of more than hundreds kinds of amino acid derivatives. Such as 4 – hydroxy proline in the treatment of chronic hepatitis, are very effective to prevent cirrhosis of the liver. N-acetyl – L – l-glutamine, 2 hydroxy aluminium – L – histidine, histidine – vitamin u – methionine, n-acetyl tryptophan aluminum, titanium, bismuth are canker resistant effective drugs. Amino – ethyl – N, N – dimethyl – acetyl glutamate can restore fatigue, treatment YuYi disease and cerebrovascular disorders caused by movement disorder. L – a – methyl – beta tyrosine and phenylalanine subcallosal base, the mixture of the hydroxyl enzyme, D – 3 – mercapto – 2 – methyl propyl acyl – L proline and diuretic mixture, are good antihypertensive drugs. Aspirin arginine, lysine, aspirin, it keeps the aspirin analgesic effects, and can reduce the side effects. N-acetyl cysteine methyl ester hydrochloride are good for the treatment of bronchitis.

Amino acid polymer is now becoming a new surgical materials have been used in clinical trials. Such as leucine and esterification of glutamate or l-aspartic acid copolymerization of imitation of natural skin layer wound up apply material, after the wound can become part of the skin do not have to solve.

Polypeptide drugs is an important aspect of a class of drugs amino acids, such as glutathione is a drug used to treat liver disease, poisoning, allergic disease and effective drugs to prevent cataracts. By 9 amino acid synthesis of vasopressin, rise to the improvement of the arteriole, capillary blood pressure of the role, and antidiuretic function.

Amino acid derivatives also can be used as antibiotics and antibacterial synergist. Such as acylation with long chain fatty acids and N – acylation of amino acid, has a higher alcohol by esterification of amino acid ester, the N – with lower alcohol acylation of amino acid esterification of N – acyl amino acid ester, the gram positive and gram negative bacteria have a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, is also effective for mold, widely used as surfactant and preservatives. Again, such as penicillin G and lysozyme with amino acid derivatives, especially to join the amino acid ester, penicillin G and lysozyme showed strong antibacterial and lysis forces.

Amino acid derivatives have been widely used as anticancer drugs, its functions are: (1) with amino acid as the carrier of antitumor drugs, such as mustard gas, phenylalanine L – valine, L – glutamic acid, L – lysine combination with phenylenediamine nitrogen mustard. (2) using amino acid derivatives as a tumor cells the structural analogues of amino acids required to achieve the purpose of anti-tumor, such as S – carbamyl – L – cysteine. (3) amino acid derivatives as inhibitors of antitumor drugs. Such as N – acetyl phosphate – L – aspartate is one aspartic ammonia cresol of the transition state enzyme inhibitors, take advantage of this inhibitor interruptible pyrimidine nucleotide antitumor synthetic ways to achieve. (4) amino acid derivatives as intermediate tumor inhibitor. (5) cause cancer cells to reverse the amino acid derivatives.

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