How to make Concrete- Concrete Batching Plant by Offices : Germany, Australia, Dubai, Italy.

Concrete Batching Plants are, used for manufacturing of concrete, have the following main components :
a. Mixer and Mixer Tower.
b. Aggregate Bins.
c. Inclined Belt Conveyor or a Skip Loading System.
d. Cement Silos.
e. Water Batcher, Admixture Batcher, Cement Batcher.
Concrete Batching Plant is one of the basic machines used for any construction project.

The process starts with crushed aggregates and sand coming in the factory, and stored at appropriate places in proper concrete bins. Thereafter, Cement arrives in Cement tankers which is then pumped into Cement Silo for safe storage.
Loaders load the aggregates and sand into steel aggregate bins. The aggregates are weighed on weighing belt, and conveyed to the Mixer along with sand, Cement, water and Chemicals. All the ingredients are then mixed in a Twin Shaft mixer according to the requisite recipe to prepare the concrete of required strength.
The concrete so produced is then loaded into aggregate trucks, and delivered to construction sites.

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